Teaching activities

During the last terms, I regularly organized the a seminar on BCI-related topics plus contributed projects to the BCI practical course at TU Berlin.
In the latter, the participating students learn how to evolve a new scientific question, how to set up the experiment to test their working hypothesis, organize and conduct the BCI experiments and finally analyze the data. The results are presented to the course members and external guests in a talk and delivered in a written report. Both, the talk and the report are used to train scientific communication.


Winter Term 2014/2015 (University of Freiburg)

Summer Term 2014 (University of Freiburg)

Winter Term 2013/2014 (University of Freiburg)

Summer Term 2013 (TU Berlin)

Winter Term 2012/2013 (TU Berlin)

Summer Term 2012 (TU Berlin)

Winter Term 2011/2012 (TU Berlin)

Summer Term 2011 (TU Berlin)

Winter Term 2010/2011 (TU Berlin)

Winter Term 2009/2010 (TU Berlin)

Summer Term 2005 (University of Tübingen)

Summer Term 2004 (University of Tübingen)

Winter Term 2002/2003 (University of Tübingen)

Summer Term 2002 (University of Tübingen)