My research activities are divided up into the labs and groups I have been working in. Some are officially funded projects, others are topics of interest and passion. 

University of Freiburg: current projects

Description: Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction
Funding: German DFG funded excellence cluster
(Description follows)

Berlin Institute of Technology: past projects

Description: Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction
Funding: European funded IP project ICT-2007-224631 (FP7)
Cooperation with: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Technische Universität GrazFondazione Santa Lucia, University of Glasgow, QualiLifeStiftung orthopädische Universitätsklinik HeidelbergSchweizerische UnfallversicherungsanstaltKreuznacher Diakonie , AIAS, Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg.
My tasks: Application of the IP grant (major responsibility for partner TU Berlin). Member of the project steering board. PI for the activities at TU Berlin (machine learning for mental-state monitoring, non-stationarity compensation, hybrid classification, dry electrode evaluation, novel auditory BCI paradigms, BCI for gaming and creative use of media, BCI for the expression of cognitive abilities (via chess), software development supervision, supervision of patient trials and studies with healthy users, data analysis, supervision of three PhD students and several Bachelor-/Master students etc.)
Description: Multimodal Neuroprosthesis for Daily Upper limb Support.
Cooperation with: Politecnico di Milano, TU Wien, ETH Zürich, Hospedale Valduce, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Abacus, Hocoma AG.
Funding: European funded STREP project, Accessible and Assistive ICT, GA # 248326 (FP7)
My tasks: Application of the grant proposal together with Dr. Thomas Schauer (TU Berlin)
Description: Attempted motor execution paradigms with sub-acute spinal-cord injured patients
Cooperation with: Charité Berlin, Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, Neurologische Rehabilitationsklinik Beelitz-Heilstätten
My tasks: Experimental design and execution of closed-loop paradigms at patient bed-sides in the hospital, data analysis.
Description: Attempted motor execution and auditory ERP studies with long-term ALS patients
Cooperation with: Charité Berlin
My tasks: PI (experiment design, experiment execution, data analysis)
Cooperation with: Charité Berlin, Evangelisches Krankenhaus Königin Elisabeth Herzberge
My tasks: Analysis of high-dimensional ECoG data, online-experiments in closed-loop BCI setups.
Description: Development of an intelligent driver assistance system by mental monitoring, analysis of drivers' EEG activity
Funding: National research project funded by BMBF
Collaboration with: Daimler AG, Brain Products, idalab, Fraunhofer FIRST, Charité Berlin
My tasks: PI

Fraunhofer FIRST: past projects

"Berlin Brain-Computer Interface", National research project funded by BMBF

University of Tübingen: past projects

Description: Machine learning for automized feature extraction and classification of EEG signals for brain-computer communication systems.
Cooperation with: Institute for Medical Psychology (Prof. Dr. Niels Birbaumer, University Tübingen)
Funding: DFG
My task: Application of the grant. Research and supervision of the scientific tasks of the project, supervision over 1 PhD student and several diploma students.
EEG controlled web browser for severely paralyzed patients
Description: Quality assurance for the yield increase in the production line of semi-conductor fabs.
Cooperation with: Robert Bosch GmbH (Semiconductor lab)
Funding:  BMBF
My tasks: Tools for the integration of sensor data, data analysis and visualization. Supervision of one PhD student and diploma students.
Description: Online detection of epileptic spike forms in the EEG of children suffering from benign epilepsy. Operand conditioning during a neuro-feedback game to suppress spikes.
Cooperation with: Institute for Medical Psychology (Dr. Ute Strehl, Uni Tübingen)
Description: Integrated System for the Neuroelectric Control of Grasp in Disabled Persons
Cooperation with: University Aalborg, Fraunhofer IBMT
Funding: European Commission
My tasks: Machine learning solution for the online control of a limb, using position- and force sensors and applying functional electric stimulation to the animal's nerve by axonal cuff electrodes.

Current and former Collaborators

Gabriel Curio, Florian Losch, Jan Conradi, Vadim Nikulin, Volker Kunzmann at Charité Berlin, Germany (Dept. Clinical Neurophysiology)

Roderick Murray-Smith at University of Glasgow (Dept. Computing Science, Dynamics and Interaction Group)

Andrea Kübler University of Würzburg, Germany (Dept. Psychology)

John-Dylan Haynes at BCCN Berlin, Germany

Research groups contributing to the TOBI Project

José del R. Millàn, Robert Leeb at EPFL Lausanne (Inst. Bioengineering)

Febo Cincotti, Donatella Matthia, Luigi Bianchi at Fondacione Santa Lucia, Rome, Italy

Gernot Müller-Putz, Christa Neuper at University of Graz (Dept. Semantic Data Analysis / Knowledge Discovery)

Thomas Meyer, Peter Linke at Charité Berlin, Germany ()

Sebastian Mika  from Idalab, Berlin, Germany

Yakob Badower from Picoimaging Technology, Berlin, Germany

Alexander Svojanowski from Brain Products, Gilching, Germany

Colleagues at Fraunhofer FIRST, IDA group, Berlin, Germany

Kai Miller, University of Washington, US ( Dept. of Physics and Medicine)

Jonathan Wolpaw at Wadsworth Center, New York, US

Wilhelm Kincses from Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany

Fabio Babiloni at University La Sapienza Rome, Italy (Dept. of Human Physiology and Pharmacolog)

Mark Titchener at University of Auckland, New Zealand

Shin'ichiro Kanoh Tohoku University (Dept. Electronic Engineering)

Rebecca Hollmann at Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart, Germany (Mensch-Roboter-Kooperation) ,

Ryota Tomioka  at University of Tokyo (Dept. Mathematical Informatics)

Wolfgang RosenstielMartin Bogdan, Michael Bensch at University of Tübingen, Germany (Dept. NeuroTeam)

Bernhard Schölkopf, Jeremy Hill at MPI for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen, Germany (Dept. Empirical Inference)

Niels Birbaumer at University of Tübingen, Germany (Institute for Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology)